The Balkan region offers a unique combination of all the things you may love: breathtaking natural beauty, great beaches, summertime sun, high mountains where to ski in winter , astonishing lakes and natural parks, unspoiled nature, oodles of history, interesting architecture, incredible food and wine.

All this in a unique blend of different cultures, languages and religions, that once made up one country and now each one Independent with its own unicity. Here you'll discover the friendliest, most hospitable people you could hope to meet.

Visit Plitvice Lakes, Tour the splendid Ljubljana and Lake Bled, discover the history of Sarajevo in a guided tour, stay in the Pearl of the Adriatic Dubrovnik .. taste the flavors of Macedonian food in Skopje .. discover the impressive Skadar Lake in not miss the vibrant nightlife of Belgrade..take a photo of the famous bridge of Mostar .. this is only a small part of what you can do, there is still a lot more to discover in the Multi Day tours that we offer in this unique region of Europe.


Our offer includes group tours with guaranteed departures from April to October, or private tours for individual clients with departures available all year round on request.

Our short breaks in the big cities of the Balkans, on the other hand, have regular departures and can also be booked by a single traveler.

Don't wait, prepare your luggage and depart at the discovery of this wonderful part of Europe