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We operate over 30 different cruises,active holidays and multi-day holidays in the Balkan region. We have personally selected the best experiences in this region, Here you can find Cruises along the beautiful Croatian islands and Montenegrin coast, Active holidays in Slovenia, Hiking and Cycling tours in Serbia and Bosnia ,private tours to discover Croatia and even guided tours through all the republics that once were part of Yugoslavia.

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Nature Trips web portal is inspired by and upholds the principles of sustainable travel and ecotourism.

This type of philosophy does not mean giving up the comfort and luxury you want for your holiday.

We support our planet

The tourist offer is the natural result of local resources: the architectural heritage, traditional festivals, gastronomy, the relationship with the sea, with the mountains; tourism cannot be an element extraneous to the identity of the place, but an integrated element to the cultural and economic wealth of the same.

Sustainable tourism is open to the surrounding area so that the natural spaces of the neighboring city are part of the tourism itself. Urban diversity, the landscape and the natural whole to enhance the attractiveness of the proposed destination.

Ecotourism is a form of responsible travel in natural areas that contributes to the protection of the environment and the well-being of local populations.

Our work, tours and active holidays proposed are inspired by these principles.


  • By Tamara Sheward, Writer
    If all the world's a stage, then Montenegro struts upon it, continuously playing out the most dramatic act. There's not an iota of the insipid to be found here; from its backdrop of soul-stirring mountains and captivating coastline to its passionate populace and lively, living history, this is a country with charisma. I've been knocked off my feet here more times than I can count – by the staggeringly spectacular scenery, the heartfelt backslaps walloped into me by highland giants, and the frightfully strong rakija. No matter how often I visit, Montenegro floors me every time.
    By Tamara Sheward, Writer
  • By Peter Dragicevich, Writer
    I'll admit, I'm more than a little biased, but Croatia is quite simply my favorite country to visit. It offers a unique combination of all the things I love: breathtaking natural beauty, great swimming, summertime sun, oodles of history, interesting architecture, incredible wine, delicious seafood...I could go on. Here you'll discover the friendliest, most hospitable people you could hope to meet. I'm sure that even if my grandparents didn't hail from here, I'd still adore the place.
    By Peter Dragicevich, Writer
  • By Steve Fallon, Writer
    Even serial visitors to Slovenia like myself often stop and stare, mesmerised by the sheer beauty of this land. The wondrous bucolic valley of Logarska Dolina brings heaven to earth, and at the dramatic Vršič pass through the Alps I feel on top of the world in every sense. I can never tire of the wonderful and varied architecture, excellent wines and traditional dishes, and vibrant folk culture. But for me the country's greatest attribute is the Slovenes themselves: quietly conservative, deeply self-confident, remarkably broadminded, especially tolerant and very, very hospitable.
    By Steve Fallon, Writer